Have you met Alma? A letter from Philadelphia

Our first trip together into the loop of great living and home marketplace latest trends. Welcome to the Alma Blog!

Dear reader,

It’s so nice to finally meet you! My name is Alma, and, even if you’ve just found out about me, I’ve been meaning to talk to you for some time now. This letter is for you to know what I do and to learn more about something I like to call great living.

It all started on a run-down block in East Germantown, Philadelphia. Boarded-up houses all around, various degrees of disrepair. A neighborhood that’s left uncared for is bound to fester and lose its personality. Like many other sectors in North Philly, East Germantown was hurting.

That’s where the Alma project began. We started rebuilding and remodeling these forsaken buildings and giving them back to the neighbors at the most affordable prices on the rental market through Alma Living. With any other real estate company, they probably wouldn’t have been able to afford them. As our enterprise grew, so did our need to share our work with a broader audience.

Because there is a lot to be said about Philly and its people. From now on, expect stories from our local communities. From faces that know these houses inside and out. Who’s better to tell the story of a living, breathing space than the ones inhabiting it? 

Pen and paper

But wait, there’s more to Alma…

Great living is only possible if you have a solid network of affordable housing and people you can trust in management. Our work wouldn’t be complete without enabling homeowners to respark life into their properties at fair off-market prices. That’s why Alma Home Marketplace was born.

We believe that most housing companies have a tendency to favor the knowledgeable and the privileged. How about a marketplace that reaches out to people without noticing their credit standing before actually meeting them? Wouldn’t that be nice? Or decent, at the very least.

So this blog will not only talk about our communities and the wholesome turnabout of different neighborhoods, but we’ll also discuss real estate secrets, housekeeping tips, and other useful pieces of knowledge that should be accessible to everyone. Best colors for your kitchen in 2021. How to show a house during a global pandemic. When to start buying instead of renting. You name it.

I’ve got so much to tell you

I can’t wait for you to meet the people I work with. They’re hard-working. They’re good-looking. They’re all over the world and they actually like their jobs. I plan to tell you more about them in the future. They’ll be eager to share little nuances of their respective crafts with you. We have realtors, of course, but there are also managers, designers, marketing and construction experts: the possibilities for an avid reader to learn from them are pretty exciting.

However, this space is as much about you as it is about me. An avid reader can teach us a lot as well, I’m sure. Feel free to write back, tell me what you like, what you don’t like, or share some tips that could take us further into great living. In other words: remember to keep in touch!

And if you’re curious about the houses we have brought back to life so far, take a look!

See you very soon,